Options for Getting Involved

The RRII offers three primary pathways for getting involved, depending on the level of commitment you are looking to make.

Shareholder Engagement

Engagement has a track record of tangible and effective change, as it targets corporate concerns at the root of the issue and uses financial investments as leverage for change.

Tailored Education and Support

The RRII can provide tailored education sessions and resources to help your organization better understand and support reconciliation efforts.

Timely Research and Guides

The RRII conducts and produces timely research on reconciliation and investment in Canada and abroad.

How can your investments progress reconciliation?

The RRII works with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations to create meaningful shareholder engagement campaigns.

With a lens of reconciliation and social justice, we work with allied institutional investors and service providers to develop a clear vision, framework and strategy for responsible investment, ensuring that your goals and projects are grounded in the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action.

Shareholder engagement involves connecting and conversing with companies in your portfolio to advocate for improved corporate policies and practices. As an allied organization, your voice can help further amplify calls from Indigenous trusts and organizations, or set additional goals and milestones for reconciliation.


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Our Engagement Collaborators

Our engagement offerings are hosted together with SHARE—Shareholder Association for Research and Education.

SHARE is a leading responsible investing organization that works with institutional investors to steward their assets in ways that contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes.

SHARE’s engagement services have a track record of leading change by developing new areas of research and engagement, including workers’ rights, climate action, reconciliation and affordable housing.

With support from SHARE, the Values in Action program introdces allied investors to a network that regularly engages with Canadian companies on improving their environmental, social, and governance practices, including those related to reconciliation.

“We expect governments and politicians to resolve issues like Indigenous exclusion. However, power in our society is more often than not an economic issue. Throughout history, excluded communities have gained inclusion through economic empowerment, not just political empowerment.”

Kevin Thomas, CEO, SHARE & RRII Collaborator

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Our educational offerings are developed in consultation with Indigenous organizations and communities. These can be tailored to suit your organizational needs.

Board and Investment Committee Education

Customized educational workshops on responsible investment governance and implementation, designed with  Indigenous values.

Strategy and Policy Development

Our team of experienced and knowledgable experts will help you develop responsible investment policies and implement meaningful strategies.

Responsible Investment Officer with Reconciliation Training

Increase your capacity to effectively oversee your fund’s approach to responsible investment with an independent expert, educated and experienced with reconciliation actions.

Interested in learning more about investor action for reconciliation? Explore our investor resources.

2022 SHARE Investor Summit: Reconciliation and Corporate Canada

Creative leadership is bringing together Indigenous organizations, businesses, and governments alongside non-Indigenous business leaders to re-think how we build an economic future together. In this webinar, we bring business leaders together to discuss what’s next and how investors can be part of the solution.

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