Options for Getting Involved

The RRII offers three primary pathways for getting involved, depending on the level of commitment you are looking to make.

Shareholder Engagement through Values in Action

Our Values in Action program harnesses the power of your investments. We’ll help you leverage your position as a shareholder to advocate for necessary policy changes and reform.

Tailored Educational Resources and Presentations

Depending on your needs and existing investment practices, the RRII can provide tailored education sessions and resources to help you on your journey.

Free Digital Guides for Indigenous Investors

The RRII conducts and produces timely research on reconciliation and investment. Explore our resources to learn more.

How can responsible investing support reconciliation?

The RRII works with Indigenous trustees, fund managers and investment decision-makers to build engagement strategies that address your core needs and goals.

The RRII offers a dedicated responsible investing program for Indigenous investors called Values in Action. The Values in Action program equips investors with the necessary tools and supports to lead shareholder engagements with companies in your portfolio.

Shareholder engagement involves connecting and conversing with companies in your portfolio to advocate for improved corporate policies and practices. Engagement has a track record of tangible and effective change, as it targets corporate concerns at the root of the issue and uses financial investments as leverage for change.


Our Engagement Collaborators

Our Values in Action program is hosted together with SHARE—Shareholder Association for Research and Education.

SHARE is a leading responsible investing organization that works with institutional investors to steward their assets in ways that contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes.

SHARE’s engagement services have a track record of leading change by developing new areas of research and engagement, including workers’ rights, climate action, reconciliation and affordable housing.

With support from SHARE, the Values in Action program introdces Indigenous Trusts to an investor network that regularly engages with Canadian companies on improving their environmental, social, and governance practices, including those related to reconciliation.

Success Stories

Explore some of the outcomes from past investor engagements as part of the RRII Values in Action program.

“The decisions that I am making today, as a trustee of the Squamish Nation Trust, are going to affect my children’s future; my grandchildren’s future; my great grandchildren’s future and many generations after that.”

Sxwpilemáat Siyám (Hereditary Chief Leanne Joe), Squamish Nation & RRII Collaborator

Indigenous Investor Education & Leadership

Through tailored educational offerings, the RRII can help your fund develop responsible investment practices grounded in reconciliation.

Everyone’s journey with responsible investing and advocacy looks different. This is why we offer tailored education and presentations for Indigenous trustees, fund managers and investment decision-makers. Whether you are completely new to shareholder engagement, have an existing track record that you are looking to expand, or are looking to connect with partner or allied organizations, we can co-create an investment strategy that works for you.

Alongside our colleagues at SHARE and NATOA, we have a diverse network of educators and advisors.

Looking to get started in your investment journey? We’ve developed a series or resources that have been designed with Indigenous investors in mind. These resources introduce how shareholder engagement and responsible investing can lead to tangible actions towards reconciliation.

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